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Past Exam Papers

Past Exam Papers | HSC, VCE, WACE, SACE & QCE

Studying past exam papers is a valuable aid to your exam preparation and it helps keep revision focused on important themes whilst practicing exam style questions. It also provides students with practical insight into how the forthcoming exam paper is going to look like and the key subject areas most likely to be covered.

study past exam papers

Some of the benefits of studying past exam papers are:

  • To assess whether you have learnt the material or to identify gaps in your knowledge
  • To familiarise yourself with the format of the exam, the type of questions and the style in which they are phrased
  • To see if you can apply what you have learned to answer the questions under pressure and without revision aids
  •  To get used to the time constraint, to see how much you can write in the time, or what level of detail is possible in an exam
  • As a ‘trial run’ to help you feel more comfortable about the exam if you experience exam nerves
  • You could also use them with a friend from your course, and mark each other’s paper. This will help you understand how markers read your answers, and show you how others approach the question

You can view past exam papers (e.g. HSC, VCE, WACE, SACE & QCE) for your subject via the links below. If you are looking for study notes or study guide, you can also check out the Student Portal.

Past VCE Papers (VIC) – vcaa.vic.edu.au

The VCAA website holds the only official, up-to-date and authorised versions of examination papers, study designs and other VCAA assessment material. These examination papers are copyright material owned by the VCAA and may contain copyright material owned by third parties.

VCAA Website

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Past HSC Papers (NSW) – boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au

The Higher School Certificate (HSC) is the highest educational award in secondary education in New South Wales. It is awarded to students who have satisfactorily completed Years 11 and 12 at secondary school.

2018 Papers 2017 Papers 2016 Papers 2015 Papers 2014 Papers2013 Papers2012 Papers2011 Papers2010 Papers


Past QCE Papers (QLD) – qcaa.qld.edu.au

The Senior External Examination consists of 21 individual subject examinations provided across Queensland in October and November each year. Results are based solely on examination performance.

AccountingAncient HistoryArabicBiologyChemistryChineseEnglishKoreanLegal StudiesMathematics AMathematics BModern GreekModern HistoryPhilosophy & ReasonPhysicsPolishPunjabiRussianSpanishVietnameseVisual Art


Past SACE Papers (SA) – sace.sa.edu.au

There are two stages of the SACE:
Stage 1, which usually begins in Year 10 with the Personal Learning Plan, and continues through Year 11.
Stage 2, which is usually undertaken in Year 12.

Each subject or course that is successfully completed earns ‘credits’ towards the SACE. Students receive a final grade from A to E for each Stage 1 subject and A+ to E– for Stage 2 subjects.

SACE Website


Past WACE Papers (WA) – scsa.wa.edu.au

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority is an independent statutory authority that is responsible to the Western Australian Minister for Education.

SCSA Website


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