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How to Deal With Exam Stress

Exams are a stressful time for everyone. However, the better we can identify this stress, realise its triggers and cope with it, the better we will benefit and achieve our goals. 

As a student who recently finished year 12 and is undergoing University, I have personally started to adopt ways of how I can make exams less stressful.  

How to Deal With Exam Stress?

  1. Preparation is key in feeling less stressed towards exams
  2. Find good study techniques
  3. Remember that your health needs to come first
  4. Allow enough sleep before an exam
  5. Avoid conversation with classmates on exam day
  6. Not to freak out during exam

Step 1- PREPARATION. Preparation is key in feeling less stressed towards exams. Make a study timetable and prioritise learning different areas of study that you are not confident with first. I like to spend one week going over course content, another week doing practice questions then finally reviewing any topics I struggled with.  

Step 2- STUDY TECHNIQUES. Find good study techniques that you find beneficial that will not consume too much time. This will hopefully make you feel accomplished but also help you take advantage of the minimal time you have.  

Step 3- SELF CARE. Remember that your health needs to come first. Your stress is not going to go away if you are not eating healthy or sleeping right. Find something to help you relax. For instance, I enjoy face masks.   

Step 4- THE NIGHT BEFORE. It is important to allow enough sleep before an exam. Don’t cram heaps of study in. Revise lightly over your notes. Prepare any materials the night before to prevent chaos in the morning. 

Step 5- EXAM DAY. On the day of exams avoid conversation with classmates who will stress you out. Do not make conversations about all the things you do not know. Just avoid any chat about exams as much as possible. Remember to have a healthy breakfast, the last thing you want is to be hungry during the exams. Don’t forget a drink bottle.  

Step 6- DURING THE EXAM. Remember to breathe. Try not to freak out. Use reading time wisely. If you see a question you do not know do not freak out. Skip it and come back if you need. Give yourself confidence by finding a question you can answer first. Feel stress coming on? Stop and take a drink of water and remind yourself that you can do this. 

It’s important to know the root of the cause of stress.

Students should be encouraged to understand that failure is a natural part of life but that working hard and achieving success is a part of life as well. Happiness comes from opportunity. When students understand that working to do well in examinations is something they do for themselves primarily and not necessarily for the satisfaction of others then their drive naturally increases and their approach towards examinations is stronger.

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Sim K


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