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School Readiness Goals for Preschool Children

The goal of any school readiness preparation is to ensure that children have the basic knowledge and confidence required for the formal academic school environment. Young children are energetic and have a thirst for new experiences and knowledge. Therefore, it is the perfect age to build a love of learning and the knowledge of basic literacy and numeracy concepts so that when they arrive at big school, confidence continues to grow and they are not scared away by things they have never seen or heard about before.

There are many fun ways for parents to assist their children become ready for big school. Public libraries often have great rhyme or story times, and of course reading every day with your child is important so that there is exposure to words and sounds.

Parents should also take the time to practice with their child the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make, counting as far as they are able and representing numbers with objects, writing their name and holding a pencil using the correct grip. These basic learning concepts don’t need to be done in a formal sit down environment. You could practice during a car ride by singing counting songs or playing eye spy focusing on a sound, during a day at the beach by using a stick in the sand or by counting the fruit and vegetables whilst grocery shopping. Children will develop a greater love of learning when they are having a good time!

Once parents have decided on a school that their child will be attending, it is highly recommended that the child attend the school’s transition programs. These are an excellent way children to become familiar with the school grounds, teachers and their future peers.

by Begin Bright, Queensland

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