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Did You Know that Boys and Girls Learn Differently?

Boys and girls differ from each other when it comes to learning. And understanding these differences can help you as a parent to help your child in following the best study practices.

So let’s take a look at the learning strategies on how you can help your son or daughter succeed in studies.

Learning strategies that work for boys:
  • Allow your son to take frequent breaks in-between homework.

  • It’s alright if your son wants to move around while studying because it’s quite natural for boys. If you want to be a part of the fun and study method, you can make up studying games that require movement. For example, ask study questions orally and if your son misses to answer, assign him an activity, such as running up and down the stairs three times. If he gets the answer correct, assign him an activity of his choice for 15 mins. He can then get back to studying again.

  • You can also find creative ways to help your son stay focused while studying. For example, you can allow him to walk on a treadmill while reading or sit on a balance ball instead of a desk chair.

  • If your son is struggling to understand a lesson especially a narrative, you can help him understand the concept by using technology like a slide show presentation or a podcast.

  • Don’t talk too much about following instructions to your son. Rather keep it short and simple. You can also try to write the instructions down in steps.

Learning strategies that work for girls:
  • Provide toys and activities such as puzzles, construction toys, and blocks that encourage your daughter to build and manipulate things.

  • Girls love to talk. So spend time regularly with her talking and discussing about school, studies and subjects. Get into a conversation with your daughter especially when you find her stuck with homework as she may benefit from discussing the problem and various approaches to solving it.

  • Try to point out math and science concepts in everyday activities. For example, you can talk about fractions when slicing a pizza or a cake.

  • Girls like to comfortably sit up in a place while studying or reading. So make sure to encourage your daughter to move around. You can also encourage her to develop a hobby in games like soccer, basketball etc.

  • You can ask your daughter to involve in group studies with other girls as it would create an atmosphere to talk and discuss over different subjects.

While you weave these different learning strategies into your son or daughter’s life, remember to discover and nurture your child’s natural learning abilities towards developing his/her skills.

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