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Improving Your Math Grades

Note taking helps you to focus on what is important from what you are hearing. It helps you to understand and remember material, and also to make connections. Usually, teachers or lecturers emphasize the points they are going to ask, so class/lecture notes are really important. Course books are the other important resource. I recommend that students solve every question in their course book. It’s no surprise if they see the same questions in the exam. Learning maths requires practice, so I strongly recommend solving lots of problems. There are question banks that contain hundreds of questions. Lastly if they can find past exam papers, they should solve them before their exams. Past papers are a great resource to predict the questions in an upcoming exam.

Maths requires dedication and maths skills improve with practice over time. I recommend students look at maths for at least 15 minutes every day. Last minute studying before a maths exam is a waste of time. They can look at the solutions of questions and try to understand them, but they definitely have to try to solve them without looking at the answers.

Top students put in a lot of TIME. Top students solve HARD PROBLEMS – homework problems, problems they find in books or on the internet. They don’t give up and they are persistent to solve the questions. They take care about their HEALTH and generally interested in some kind of sport. A healthy mind in a healthy body.

by A Star, Maths Tutor Brisbane

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