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From my experience, there are two main reasons that hold students back from studying effectively for tests and examinations. Firstly they don’t fully understand what is to be examined during the test, so they end up studying the wrong content. Teachers often provide a set of outcomes (usually at the beginning of the term) that outlines all the required knowledge that student must know, and what the exam is to be based around. The problem is that most students ignore it, as see it as irrelevant and discard, as it is full of technical jargon they don’t understand. What they don’t realise however is that this is the most important document that they will get all term for that course! It is vital that students hang on to the outcomes/syllabus and study it as hard as they can so they know what is in their upcoming exam.

The second reason that most students study ineffectively is due to procrastination. Every student is different when it comes to both how they procrastinate and how they overcome it, however, it is important that every student know when he or she are procrastination. A good idea for students who find they are struggling to overcome procrastination is to Google procrastination tips (not during exam time or this can end up as further procrastination!) and try out what works for them. The most popular methods used by my students is to write out a checklist of what work they need complete for that exam, or use personal rewards, such as watching 20 minutes of TV or video games after they do 2 hours worth of study. However, what works for some students does not for all, so it is encouraged for students to experiment to see what works best for them!

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