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Choosing the Right Type of Drums For Your Kids

A lot of parents go for electric kits which are great, as you can control the volume. The downside is the dynamics aren’t realistic – you can turn the volume knob down. I find children who learn on electric kits play too loud when they get on an acoustic kit. Apart from that they are good for practice. Yamaha is a good brand and reasonably priced. Watch out for the really cheap electric kits. You get what you pay for! There are some good recommendations here.

If you have understanding neighbours you could try an acoustic kit – Yamaha, Gretsch, Pearl are good brands. Don’t forget your ear protection too – drums can damage your hearing if you don’t wear protection. Foam earplugs or earmuffs will suffice.

by Rockstart Tuition, Melbourne

Author: Sim K


Sim K


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