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Common Problems faced by the beginners Guitar Player?

The first month of learning guitar is the hardest and this is because both the left and right hands are required to do different things to get a sound or note from the guitar. The co-ordination develops in time but initially a guitar can seem to be a difficult instrument to play.

The style of guitar and strings can also make or break the success that a child may have with the instrument. Young children tend to struggle with large body acoustic guitars and acoustic guitars with steel strings. Thinner bodied acoustic guitars with nylon strings or a thin bodied electric guitar is often more comfortable and suitable for younger students.

It is important that each student is comfortable with their teacher and that the teacher does observe and help each student by providing suitable and fun practice routines and practical exercises as well as music theory. Each student has their own goals and reasons for deciding to start playing the instrument of their choice. A good teacher will help each student work towards their personal musical goals. If the student does not feel that they are getting anything out of their lessons they may end up giving up on the instrument altogether. It is not just about showing students what to do, it is important that the student understands why it’s important and when and where it is useful.

Students who have a love for music and have favourite bands and artists seem to be the ones who practice the most and improve the fastest as they carry the desire to play like their idols. Students who don’t have the interest in listening to music tend to see practice as a chore.

by ADR School of Drums and Guitar, Sydney

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