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Helping Your Kids to Study Effectively?

Over my years of both being a student and a tutor, I’ve learnt that the two most important aspects that parents need to focus on to help their children reach their academic goals is to support them with both moral and financial support. Parents need to both encourage their children to reach their dreams, but also provide their children with the realistic expectations that are required to fulfil those dreams.

I have seen students miss out getting into their preferred university course as their parents told them that they were ‘studying too hard’ and discouraged the extra work they were putting in, with their child only to be left with feelings of disappointment and contempt and their missed opportunity. The education boom has made getting the high marks required to enter the top courses such as medicine and law more challenging than ever before, and it is important that parents both understand and appreciate the demanding hours that students need to put in to reach their goals.

Likewise, financial encouragement plays a large part in a child’s wish to pursue tertiary education. Time and time again, I have seen students abandon their academic goals as they begin to take on some part-time/casual work basis, usually for a family business. This is particularly dangerous if the child does not enjoy particular subjects/teachers at school, as they then fall into the ‘trap’ of short term gratification of having extra spending money or saving up to buy a car. This leads to the child potentially sacrificing a rewarding career which in the long run would provide them with far more financial success and gratification of pursuing a career they love.

Whilst it is important for children to understand and appreciate work and earning money, it is the parent’s role to keep their child on track with their careers and dreams and encourage them in whatever way possible to pursue tertiary education.

by Simply Tuition, Canberra

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