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What Are the Benefits For Kids to Learn Music?

One may think that learning to play an instrument simply provides a student with one more talent or skill but the process of learning can also benefit students in many other ways. Learning to play an instrument requires patience, perseverance and self-discipline and all of these are important life skills. Remembering notes, chords and scales tests and strengthens the mind and memory and the challenge of playing them requires co-ordination.

Students of music often begin to hear music differently as they progress with their playing and learn to take notice of the individual instruments and sounds in songs. They develop a respect and appreciation for other players and performers and for different styles of music. Many students also find that they feel good about themselves and have more confidence in themselves and their abilities as they see improvement in their playing.

Learning music and playing instruments can also relieve stress and anxiety as well as provide a limitless creative outlet that can be enjoyed alone and with other musicians.

Information by ADR School of Drums and Guitar, Sydney

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Sim K


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