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10 Tips for Terrific Test Taking

Does the word “test” or “exam” send a slight tremor in you? Do you get anxious when test/exam dates get closer? Well, you are not alone. Most children your age suffer from exam fear.

So, how do you get rid of exam fear? It’s very simple if you follow the ten basic but very important test taking tips that help you demonstrate your ability to understand you’re course material or perform certain tasks.

  • Review your past exam and test papers provided by your teacher. Each test helps you prepare for the next one.

  • Pre-prepare yourself for the exams by getting things you need ready well in advance.

  • Feel at ease but be aware. Choose a place suitable to you. Sit straight and maintain a good posture.

  • Be confident and tell yourself that you are going to do your best in the exam.

  • Read the test paper carefully and avoid careless mistakes.

  • Just glance through the entire test paper to get a general idea of the types of questions asked.

  • Plan how you want to answer the questions. Example: You can start with easy questions first, move on to the slightly tough ones, and then continue with the difficult ones.

  • Review your paper at least once to check for any errors you might have made by mistake before handing it over to your teacher.

  • Correct the errors and re-review again.

  • Follow study strategies that will help you remember your course material well. Constantly review your success and challenges. Seek help from your academic support centre or a trusted teacher to help you develop some good study strategies.

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Sim K


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