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Guitar tutorial 2 – common scale (pentatonic)

In today’s lesson we will be learning the five “box shapes” of the E Minor Pentatonic Scale. This is a very common scale used across various styles of music including Jazz, Country, Rock all the way up to Heavy Metal. All of these box shapes are applicable to different keys as long as you know where the root note is. So in this video E is the root note and as long as you know where the E’s are you can freely move these shapes into different keys.

As usual say the notes to yourself as you play them to help you learn the fretboard, once you have the shapes together make sure your using alternate picking (Down,Up,Down, Up) then attempt to play these to a slow metronome and GRADUALLY increase the speed.
Above all have fun and take your time. In the next guitar tutorial I will show you easy and more advanced guitar licks using this scale.

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