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Guitar tutorial 3 – pentatonic licks

Hey everyone,

As a follow up video for last I thought that today we could look at two licks based on the E Minor Pentatonic scale, an easy one and a more advanced one for guitarists who might be a bit more familiar with this scale.

The first lick is based around “box 1” in the 12th position and utilizes a slide and a bent technique, both of these techniques a VERY important in playing lead guitar and I felt this would be a good place to start out. Be careful of bending if you take your time with it you will hear when it’s on pitch. Rush the bend and you may over shoot note and bend too far.

The second lick is based around a E minor 7 arpeggio using notes E,G,B & D. When playing these arpeggios I’d recommend a pull off technique for a smoother sound but if a more aggressive sound is what you want try alternate picking these.

With both licks aim for smoothness throughout and with the bent note in the first lick aim for the right pitch, this skill worth developing!

There ya go

Aaron, Guitar Tutor – Melbourne

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