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How to Find a Good Tutor

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Not all high school kids need after-school help. But getting additional academic help out of school hours can improve the chances of your child acquiring better grades, be consistent in completing homework and staying up-to-date with the lessons. After-school academic help also ensures that your child is more than ready to handle college.

How to determine whether your child needs after-school help?

Although poor exam scores and missing out on homework assignments are the basic signals that your child needs tutoring, follow these tips to find out whether or not your child is in real need of help outside school.

Trust your instinct. As a parent you know better about your child than anyone. If you believe that your child is stressed out or distracted, talk to him/her about it to get some clues about what’s bothering him/her. Some children may respond straight forward like, “I’m failing in math,” or “Math is difficult,” while others may not talk about it at all. In case your child doesn’t talk about something or talks about something at the last, then that is the one he/she is having difficulty with.

Find out the root cause. Get to know if your child needs help with the basic concepts or if he/she is distracted by college applications and extracurricular activities. This will help you choose the right type of tutoring for your child.

Learn to look beyond the exam scores. Grades only give you a short picture of your child’s academic struggles. To get the bigger and much clearer picture, you should communicate with your child to make him/her understand the effort it takes to reach that grade. And if need be, you can bring in after-school tutoring to ease the academic burden of your child.

How to choose a good tutor for your child?

  • Ask your child’s teacher to recommend a tutor or a tutoring service. He/she will know to refer someone who would be much suitable for your child’s needs.
  • You can also ask other parents for recommendations.
  • You can also check trustable sites to look for tutors.
  • Check the tutor’s credentials such as training, experience, and available references as it is highly important that the tutor is certified and also has hands-on expertise in the subject he/she teaches.
  • Find out whether the person has experience working with students at your child’s grade level.
  • Check online Tutor Reviews using trusted website

What to do to get the best out of after-school tutoring?

  • Request the tutor to set clear goals for tutoring and to design a weekly or monthly tutoring plan.
  • Ask your child’s teacher to take part in the design of the plan so that it links to school work.
  • Create a partnership between yourself, your child’s teacher, and the tutor to track the progress and to input any changes if necessary.
  • If possible, schedule tutoring for the times of the day when your child is ready to learn.
  • Allow enough time for your child to relax between school and tutoring.
  • Observe your child working with the tutor.
  • Request periodic reports from both the tutor and your child’s teacher. There should be noticeable academic advancement within a few months.

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Sim K


3 thoughts on “How to Find a Good Tutor

  1. Awesome post! Learning beyond the exam scores is so important to remember when you’re doing any kind of tutoring or learning program. So much of the education and learning process is achieved by improving the overall confidence of a student, thereby increasing their receptiveness to new information. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Before school is also a great time to get extra tutoring. A little instruction early in the morning can catch a student when they’re fresh and ready for the day, and it sometimes opens them up to more effective learning in the classroom. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  3. I just got my son’s quarterly report card and it’s not that good. In fact, the teacher has recommended that he get some tutoring and so I want to make sure that he gets the best one who can help him pass this school year and move onto the next grade. I like the idea of checking my tutor’s credentials, but is there a way to check their track record for helping their clients succeed?

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