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Top 10 Technical Skills Every High Schooler Must Learn

Technical Skills Every High Schooler Must Learn

Scoring good grades is essential for high schoolers to get through at colleges. However, developing some technical skills required to land a good job when out of college is important too.

People from a wide variety of careers have noted the following technical skills to be an absolute necessary. These are also some of the important skills that top employers look for, in job-seeking candidates. So why not familiarize yourself with these vital skill sets?

  • Typing

Typing is the first of the basic skills required to acquire all other skills. Typing at a good speed with minimal or no errors is very important. You may want to practice typing at-least an hour a day to improve your typing skills and gain keyboard control. You can use Microsoft Word for this purpose.

  • Word Processing

Word processing is nothing but producing your typed notes in a well-formatted way without any typo or grammatical errors. Microsoft Word is very useful in this regard. You can learn to use a lot of functions to format your text and make it look presentable.

  • Spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel is a useful program to learn how to use spreadsheets. Spreadsheets help to keep track of data and every employer will expect their employees to be able to use basic formula and graphing functions that can register and track data. One way you can get started is by keeping track of your part-time job earnings and expenditures in a spreadsheet.

  • PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentations are a must when presenting an idea or a plan to a boss or team in a company. Employers look for candidates who can make compelling presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint is a very good tool to build presentations. So you can start by familiarizing yourself with it.

  • E-Mail

E-mail is the most essential way of communication in the corporate world. So you should know how to write a professional email – address people correctly, use proper sentences, highlight important words etc.

  • Electronic Calendar

Most businesses use online calendars to keep track of events. So learning how to manage time on an electronic calendar is a must for anyone seeking a good position at one of the best companies. You can get started by using a computer calendar.

  • Basic Computer Knowledge

Knowledge of computer parts and basic computer functions is key to a future job seeker. You should be aware of how to plug in a computer, connect it to a printer, use the USB ports, update software, check for viruses, and replace the printer cartridge etc. You can start by taking care of your computer or laptop.

  • Social Network

Online communities are becoming an important method of communication these days. So you should be familiar with navigating easily through websites. In the future, you may use one of the job-seeker websites to find a job, because most companies use these sites to check on prospective employees.

  • Use Internet for Research

Knowing the importance of search engines like Google to find information is essential. It’s also important to learn which sites to trust.

  • Database Use

Most companies use a variety of databases these days to maintain a record of employees, sales, finances etc. So it is important to understand the significance of database security and creating passwords. It is also important to understand that changes you make to such databases will affect everyone using it.

Learning these ten skill sets is not a simple task. At the same time it is not impossible as well. Seek help from parents, teachers, seniors and siblings. They would be more than happy to help you develop into a highly skilled candidate that best companies would love to hire!

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