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As parents we always want the very best for our children. But at times we are not able to judge what is this ‘BEST’ that we want to deliver to them. Here are some useful parenting tips which we as parents can use to strengthen our relationship with our children -:


  • Physical touch – we should often hug and kiss our children . This physical touch will play an important role in the healthy mental growth of our children. They feel secure and wanted by this warmth.
  • Talk to them– Lets take out time to have some healthy communication with our children. Talk to them about their day, their friends, teachers and other activities .If you fail to talk to your children when they are young then they will hardly talk to you when they grow up.
  • Be their ideals – it is very important that our children can idealise us. They are bound to imitate us in everything. Hence it is very important we behave and talk in the manner we expect them to behave aswell. Many a times you will hear your child speak your words. They will reflect your attitude and behaviour.
  • Praise them – your children are hungry of your praise.

So go ahead and praise them often for whatever little effort you see from them. A little praise will add to a lot of positivity in their upbringing. Few words of appreciation is a big reward for the child.

  • Play with them– In today’s world all we see is adults and children being totally engrossed in mobile phones , laptops or television. Leave these gadgets and play with your children whether indoor or outdoor games. This will also help in developing a healthy intimate relationship with them.
  • Don’t punish them-If you want your child to be truthful then let them fearlessly tell the truth. If they do any wrong and inspite of it they tell you the truth then don’t punish them. Appreciate their honesty and tell them nicely not to repeat their mistake again.

Always remember that Our children are our responsibility. A little bit of Praise mixed with our time and warmth will do Wonders to our children’s healthy mental and Physical growth.

Written by Sydney  English Trainer – Sufia Perwin


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Sim K


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