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How To Improve Your Spoken English

english-dictionary-1559631Useful tips for improving your Spoken English shared by Sydney English Trainer – Sufia Perwin:

  • Check your spelling– before you indulge into speaking I recommend you check your spellings. Most of us are careless about our spellings which in turn effects our pronunciation. In my forth coming articles I would help you with learning the spellings as well.
  • Reading aloud– a basic level student of Spoken English should start by reading aloud. Loud reading of story books or interesting articles adds to improving your speaking. Get hold of small stories and read them aloud. You will see remarkable improvement in your English speaking.
  • Mirror practise-when I give this useful tip to my students they find it quite amusing. Funny it does sound initially, but as you keep on doing it you realise how much it adds to your English speaking. Stand in front of the mirror and read aloud. Do this for at least 15minutes every day.
  • Watch movies/other programs with English subtitles– if you are not sure about your sentence formation in English then try doing this . Start watching movies/other programs with English subtitles and read them aloud. You don’t have to do it for the whole movie but as long as it interests you. I am sure that after few movies you will improve on your speaking.
  • Clarify your queries– it is very important to have queries and to get them clarified as well. As a student of Spoken English you should always seek guidance from a professional trainer and get your doubts cleared. English is a global language and speaking it in the correct manner is very important.



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