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Organising A High School Formal or Deb Ball: Top 3 Tips

Posted by Karyn @ Manor on High Events Centre on 1/2/2016

For Year 12 students finishing their final year and moving on into the ‘real world’, it’s an exciting time. There are many ways that Victorian schools celebrate, from valedictory dinners to deb balls and formals.

Organising these events can seem a little bit overwhelming, particularly when you’ve got the added pressure of making sure it’s truly memorable for the students who have worked so hard to get here. Don’t fret, though; we’ve got 3 great tips about the 3 most important aspect of the big night.

  1. The Venue

Where you hold your high school formal, deb ball, or other school event makes a significant difference. Of course, in many ways you’re a bit of a slave to your budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to hire a daggy mess hall and cover it in streamers from the $2 craft store.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of venue options out there, keep one thing in mind: your event will be so, so much easier to organise if you find a venue that does the talking for you. That is, find somewhere that has that elegant, ballroom charm that you want from a formal graduating event.

It also means you’ll have a lot less to stress about (and have to budget for) in terms of decorations.

  1. The Food

Get a room full of high school students together and you’re guaranteed more than one rumbling tummy. It’s important that you get the food and drink just right. Another great tip here for keeping the organisation hassle down? Find a venue that has catering services as an optional extra.

That way there is no need to go around trying to find the right caterer, hoping they can work with the lay of the land in a venue they’ve most likely never been in. Instead, you can enjoy the convenience of a food and beverage package that has been proven to work for that venue and their customers many times before.

  1. Facilities

The kind of facilities you want for your particular group is going to vary from what other organisers find important, but there are always going to be some staple facilities you should look for in a venue. These are:

  • Location: make sure it’s convenient for your students (and parents, if they’re coming along too)
  • Public transport or parking: ample parking (preferably free) is a must, while easy access to public transport is a plus
  • Event staff: find a venue that has dedicated and experienced staff for assisting with your event; it will be well worthwhile
  • Dance floor! This depends on the event, but make sure you don’t overlook the dance floor option for formals and deb balls in particular

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