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Five Ways to Create a Positive Learning Environment

Posted by Colleen Moyne on 10/3/2016

Children have a natural predisposition to want to learn and it’s something that we should encourage in any way we can. One of those ways is through our own attitude. If we show an enthusiasm for learning then our children will pick up on that and mirror it. But just as important as attitude, is the physical environment we create.

Here are five ways that we can create a space where your child will love to learn:

1. Designate a special space in your home just for learning, studying or completing homework, a room or a corner where your child can concentrate without distractions. Try to make it a cosy ‘nook,’ away from television or busy activity. You might even include your children in the design and set-up of the space so they feel a sense of ownership or attachment. Include ample storage for books and stationery.

2. Make the space light and uncluttered but with just enough inspiration to keep boredom at bay. If natural light is lacking you could consider an inexpensive skylight, a mirror or reflective surfaces, or install full-spectrum light bulbs that are designed to mimic natural sunlight.

3. Ensure the desk and chair are ergonomically set up for the best posture when sitting. A padded, height- adjustable office chair is the best choice but something with a padded seat and moulded back can be sufficient providing it is at a suitable height to the desk.

4. A good flow of fresh air is important to assist concentration. Trying to work or study in a stuffy room is almost impossible and can result in headaches and irritability. Try to avoid targeted heating or cooling such as small space heaters and desk fans and instead open a nearby window or run a ceiling fan on a low setting.

5. Make sure your child takes a break at least every hour to stretch and to rest their eyes and brains. They should have a light, healthy snack before they start and keep fresh water close by. Avoid soft-drinks and junk food as these can inhibit concentration. While sugary treats may cause a temporary spike in energy, this is not sustainable and inevitable leads to a ‘sugar crash.’

Learning and studying should be seen not as a chore but as a healthy challenge. With the right attitude, the right environment and loving support, your child will take it in their stride.

Author: Colleen Moyne

Colleen Moyne

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