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How To Help Your Children With Homework

Posted by Jenny Mason on 8/6/2016

Many parents find it difficult to help children with homework and the attitude and response you give your children when they ask for help is really important. You don’t have to be an expert to be able to help your children. Often having your child just explaining what they need to do is enough for them to gain a better understanding of it themselves. Education changes. Theories, policies, subjects and even facts can change dramatically from one generation to the next. What you learnt at school is most likely not part of the curriculum anymore. That is not to say parents don’t play an important role in educating their children, they do.


However how you help can vary, following are some tips to help you help them:-


1. Assessments and homework generally come with rubrics now. This is an explicit guide to how the assignment will be marked. The teacher should have gone through this with your child’s class, so have them explain it to you.


2. Read your children’s homework and give them feedback. If the assessment is a speech, let them practice it in front of you.


3. Suggest your child finds a study partner, whether it be a friend from school or a sibling, many heads make light work. Use a reward system, homework should be a priority at home.


4. Speak to their teacher, in this easy-access, highly communicative world, teachers are generally only an email away and would be happy to hear from you and help out with advice.


5. Find a tutor, if your child is working on an assessment or studying for an exam you really feel incapable of helping them with, there are many places you can go to find help. Face to face or online tutoring can really help a struggling child.


Finally, your attitude to school and homework rubs off on your children, positivity and excitement around their understanding and achievement at school only increases their enthusiasm and motivation. When challenges are overcome and confusion becomes understanding, that is a reason to celebrate.

Author: Jenny Mason

Jenny Mason

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