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Singing and Dancing: Some common questions asked by students and parents

1) How do I know if dance is a good activity for my child?

Dance is a wonderful activity for children, they have the chance to be expressive, creative and imaginative. Opportunities that are hard to come by since the epic rise in technology. Dance gets children away from the screen and in to class where they have the opportunity to have fun while keeping fit, make life long friends, build confidence and self esteem.


2) Which type of dance is best for my child

If you’re brand new to dance I suggest jazz, as it’s a fun class to take. Jazz offers the simple foundations of dance at a fast pace. Hip Hop is also an increasingly popular style to join with a more relaxed and commercial flair to dance. If your child is really enjoying dance then it’s time to join the more specialist classes such as ballet, tap, contemporary. Ballet is the foundation of ALL dance and should be taken by any dancer who wants to improve their technique.

dancing tips

3) Tips to Improve Present Singing Voice

If you’re already taking singing lessons then the only way to improve is to practise, practise, practise! I can’t stress enough how important it is to continue doing your scales, practise in front of the mirror to ensure you’re posture and placement is correct.

singing tips

4) Breathing Control Exercises and Techniques For Singer

The biggest tip is to keep your shoulders, neck and jaw relaxed while singing, this will improve your breath capacity.


Tips from ACTiv Elite Performers

ACTiv Elite Performers is a family orientated studio, we strive to create confidence through performance and pride ourselves on having top quality performers and people! As soon as you step through the doors to our Kogarah studio you will feel immediately welcomed. We are proud to equally share the spotlight on our drama, dance and singing students and not just focus on one stream of performing arts. Located in Kogarah in the St George area and open 6 days a week come in and enjoy a free trial!



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