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Mathematics: Some common questions asked by students and parents

1) Reasons behind Math Anxiety and How to Prevent It

Maths can often leave students feeling helpless and demotivated because they “don’t get it”. Unlike many of the other subjects, maths is not about recalling information but applying methods and problem solving. And when you don’t get it, you don’t get it. Not everyone was born to do maths and that’s completely okay. But maths is important and unavoidable. So how do we overcome this maths anxiety?

The key is focusing on the fundamentals. Maths is confusing, abstract and overwhelming if you’re just doing practice questions one after the other, which is the typical approach to “getting better” at maths. Practice is important but only after mastering the fundamentals. This means understanding the different methods and being able to identify when a particular method is to be used. We know it’s not conventional, but writing notes for maths as you would with your other subjects is a good way to ensure you’re focusing on the fundamentals.


2) Why is learning Maths important to kids

Firstly, maths is everywhere in our daily lives and is required at some level in almost every single job. Maths is also very important in preparing kids for higher levels of education in disciplines such as business or engineering. But what if you’re not interested in a maths-based future?

Often you’ll hear students complain about maths: “oh I’m never going to use this after high school”. Whilst it may be true that you’ll never have to find the roots of a polynomial equation ever again, maths is very important. Why? It’s not necessarily the specific formulas or applications which are important. Almost all students forget what they’ve learnt in school a few years out. But it is the logical thinking, familiarity with numbers and the identification and application of patterns and rules that you learn from maths that stick with you for life.


3) Common Difficulties Experienced by High School Students in Chemistry, Physics & Maths and How to Deal with Them

One of the most common difficulties experienced by high school students is being able to do well in exams, despite knowing all the content. It is a widely held misconception that if you know all the theory in the course, you should do well. And by extension, it is believed that study simply involves learning content. This is not true. As important as the content itself, is the way you apply and express that knowledge. It is about meeting the marking criteria.

To overcome this difficulty, students need to factor in doing past papers as part of their study, marking them and learning from the marking criteria. This is a skill that is developed from long-term and high frequency exposure, and cannot be picked up overnight like cramming another fact or forurmla. That’s why at Hero Education, our students apply the theory that they learn to past exam questions on a weekly basis and are trained on not only on what the answer is, but how it should be expressed.

4) How to Memorise Math and Physics Formulas Effectively

When it comes to facts, memorisation is best done by mentally organising the information into more digestible categories or sections, and understanding the actual content rather than pure memorisation of the content itself. However, with formulas this is tricky because it’s just a bunch of numbers and letters strung together. Sticking up a formula sheet on your shower door isn’t the best. Instead, the secret is practice. The most effective way to memorise a formula is to use it. Because that’s how your brain gives the formula meaning. And it’s a lot easier to recall a well-practiced method than a string of numbers and letters.


Tips from Hero Education

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