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10 School Holiday Activities that Don’t Cost Much

School holidays are not always as fun for your bank account as they are for the children who get a break from the tedium of books and lessons. But there are activities you can do when the kids are enjoying their school holidays without it costing you a fortune.

1. Bake and cook together

Baking and cooking with the kids is not only fun, but it’s also something useful to do. Not only are you teaching them valuable life lessons, but you’ll also get to enjoy the food and baked goods afterwards – not a single penny wasted!

2. Make salt dough decorations

Salt dough is easy to make and you’ll be able to create all sorts of cool things with the dough. You can create decorations for Christmas or surprise the grandparents with sculptures. Have the kids make drawings beforehand to keep them busy for longer.

3. Go camping in the backyard

You can organise a camping trip without leaving the house. Set up a tent in the garden or use sheets to create a tent-like structure in your living room. Cook some burgers, toast marshmallows and tell stories beneath the night sky.

4. Create a treasure hunt

Prepare a big treasure hunt for the kids. You can have them solve puzzles, perform tasks such as skipping and drawing, and cycle around the local neighbourhood in order to reveal your ultimate prize.

5. Take a tour at your local city

You don’t need to travel far to discover something new and fun. Find coupon codes at OZCodes.com.au for tourist agencies offering tours. A guided tour around the city could reveal plenty of fantastic facts for the kids.

6. Do face painting

Buy a face painting kit from a craft store and get creative! You can paint the kids’ faces or let them try it out on each other. This is guaranteed to keep them busy for quite a bit. You can make it more interesting by setting a theme and snapping photos afterwards.

7. Plant vegetables or flowers

Gardening can be a fun and useful activity for school holidays. You can go shopping for the plants together with the kids, create drawings of how they should be planted, and get stuck with planting the seeds.

8. Go to the theatre

Instead of popping to the movies, check with your local theatre group for family-friendly shows. Some local theatres even run free workshops and plays and these will be something fun for the kids to do.

9. Visit museums

Museums can be fun and cheap on the wallet. Before the museum, you could create a museum bingo for the kids to play during the trip. For example, have them collect words relating to the museum as soon as they see them. Pack your own lunch to save money.

10. Learn something new

School holidays don’t have to be non-educational. The whole family could learn a new skill by doing science experiments at home or learning a new language together. If you’re kid is into music or sports, you could hire a tutor to teach them new tricks during the holiday. Check out Tutors Field for more information.

The above ideas should keep the kids happy for quite a few days!

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