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Top 10 Jobs for University Students in Australia

Becoming a university student often involves adopting a very new lifestyle compared with the school years. While there are different expectations there are also new freedoms and responsibilities. One of those is structuring a schedule that ensures a solid study-work-life balance can be obtained. And, a huge contributor to this is securing work that provides both adequate finance and flexibility. After some social investigation and online-digging it has become clear that there are some markedly popular jobs circulating amongst students that evidently suit the structure, individuality, time restraints and financial needs  of a university-centred lifestyle. So when on the hunt for the perfect university job, why not consider some of the following…

1. Retail. (pay between $19 – $22)

Business and consumerism is paramount to economic sustainability, so positions within retail areas like store assistants are regularly required. And, since these offer part-time or casual hours, and often weekends too, such flexible positions are a handy option for students. Whilst retail work usually pays between $19 and $22 an hour, weekend work usually comes with penalty rates – anywhere between time and a quarter to double hourly pay. So, another great financial perk for students managing busy schedules with the option to economise on condensed shifts and higher pay rates.  Aside from this, such positions also offer the opportunity to develop personal skills, sales skills and learn other tactics unique to the retail sector of the business industry.

2. Private tutor. (pay between $18 – $40)

According to the Australian Bureau of statistics (ABS) there were 3,750,973 school students within Australia between 2014 and 2015. So, it’s little wonder that the need for tuition or private educational assistance is in demand, whether it’s ensuring a student meets the requirements of their current curriculum or helping them excel to a higher potential.

Becoming a private tutor not only offers great rates, between $18 and $40 an hour but also provides a role for individuals to cement and utilise their own education and learning, promote management and leadership skills and engage with creative, lateral-based thinking to communicate with, and assist others. Companies like Tutors Field Australia offer a great platform for university students to extend their educational qualities to others and become involved in the tutoring scene on a flexible basis.

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3. Barista and waiting work. (pay between $18 – $22)

The need for food is on-going, and it seems the need for that caffeinated pick-me-up, coffee is an even more on-going necessity within our society. So, work within the hospitality scene, like waiting or becoming a barista still remains plentiful. Once again the flexibility within these roles are a huge appeal to students, and while the rates average between $18 and $22 hourly, public holiday and weekend pay mean students can earn as much as double their hourly rate in the same time. Positions within this area not only offer flexibility but are a great way to develop people skills, learn more about the trade and interact socially in a professional, fast-paced environment.

4. Call centre work. (pay between $21 – $38)

This is another job that is extremely prominent amongst students. Many call centres offer short, succinct shifts with the option to work mornings, during the middle of the day and evenings, so once again the flexibility is a huge attraction for students. Aside from substantial pay rates – anywhere between $21 and $38 hourly, and with the opportunity for commission, call centre work often provides the prospect to develop sales tacts, negotiation and persuasive skills and offers a practical understanding to business and marketing strategies.

5. Baby sitting and child minding. (pay between $17 – $25)

This has always been renowned as a usual job for college and university students, and with the continual expanse of our population, there are often busy or career-orientated parents that require child minding assistance. A position like this offers flexible hours, and more often than not, after hours work that suits the schedule of a university student.  Besides the decent hourly rates, between $17 and $25 plus any tips, babysitting also provides a position that encourages growth in leadership skills, responsibility, time management and of course development in domestic skills.

6. Writing and editing work. (pay between $17 – $40)

Writing and editing work on a part-time or freelance-basis is another great role for students. Not only does the position offer substantial hourly rates, between $17 and $40 an hour, depending on the platform, but also provides solid grounding for career experience, and is often an option that is complementary to vocational goals and aspirations of various student courses, like media, journalism, politics and public relations. Freelance writing is also another great way for students to develop a voice, gain exposure and build a career portfolio with the support of industry professionals in a flexible and time-savvy manner.

7. Office work and reception. (pay between $20 – $28)

Working in a fast-paced office environment is another popular job amongst students, and while some students may prefer the rigidity of structured shifts and consistent weekly pay, many companies also offer the option to increase or decrease shifts around exam times and holiday breaks. The structured, fast-paced environment of these positions offers a nice contrast to the more sporadic nature of a university schedule, whilst providing great opportunities to adapt to office environments and to further develop communication, personal and administrative skills. Pay rates for such positions range between $20 and $28 an hour.

8. Online research assistant. (pay between $25 – $30)

Online research assistant seems to be a popular and sort after job amongst university students. While these positions not only offer adequate pay rates, between $25 and $30 an hour, they also provide the chance for students to work closely with businesses, databases and other team members. And, since the job requires extensive online research and the ability to extract and condense relevant information from a wide array of resources, it provides a challenging opportunity to improve research skills, business and marketing knowledge and productivity.

9. Uber/ Deliveroo. (pay between $20 – $45 excluding outgoing expenses)

With the influx of consumerism becoming increasingly dependent on speed, innovation and convenience it’s no surprise that companies like Deliveroo, which offers food delivery on the fly and Uber, a private driving service, have found their way into the Australian job market. And, it’s even less of a surprise that jobs like these have found their way into student spheres. Each position offers the freedom and flexibility to work around another schedule or lifestyle. To work for Uber, drivers are required to have a well-maintained vehicle and to clock-on at their available time via a phone-based app. Deliveroo operates in a similar manner, but requires a bike to pick up and deliver restaurant or café food to consumers. Each of these positions are great job options for students, enabling them to work their preferred hours, develop customer-relationship skills and increase independence. Both companies offer substantial pay and the opportunity for tips; Uber rates vary between $20 and $45 hourly (excluding outgoing expenses) and Deliveroo offers around $16 to $28 hourly.

10. Sports umpiring. (pay between $20 – $25)

This is another flexible and convenient position that often appeals to the likes of university students. Since team sports are often conducted after hours, umpiring fits well with the schedule of a university student. Each shift runs the duration of the sports game and offers a short, succinct and active way to get paid. Rates vary between $20 and $25 hourly, sometimes with the option of weekend pay rates. Not only is this a great way for university students to remain involved in local sports clubs but also provides the occasion to employ leadership in an unbiased fashion whilst being physically active and keeping fit.


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