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New Year, New Start

Posted by Jenny Mason on 12/1/2017

The start of a new year brings many things. We are filled with good intentions and are about to start a new program of study. Help your child to become ready for school by talking about it positively. Even if your child is a reluctant student, you should encourage them with any aspects of school or study that they enjoy rather than focus on any dread. If they struggled last year, this is now an opportunity to have a fresh new beginning, a clean slate. There will be new teachers, new subjects, new topics to cover.

As well as buying new equipment for school, including pens, pencil case, books etc. make sure you help your child choose a diary or planner that they really like and one that they will enjoy using. Make study time part of their schedule most days. Give rewards for completing homework early, if they have no homework or assignments, make it a habit to write notes each afternoon about any difficult concepts they might have covered that day.

The more interest and involvement you show in their study, the more they are likely to talk about it with you. If they have any fears, now is the time to discuss it. Talk about subject choices for senior students. Talk about careers, but also look at subjects they like and ones they excel in. All of these factors come into play to determine whether they will succeed in study this year. If they hate a subject or just feel lost, look into tutoring. Solve any problems from the start.

Another positive step to start the year is to create a balance in their lives. A healthy student eats well, limits digital time, gets lots of sleep, does physical exercise, sticks to a routine of study and also enjoys time out. You want your child to have a happy and healthy attitude towards school, so start the year as you would like to go on.

Author: Jenny Mason

Jenny Mason

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