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ATAR Advice – ATAR 99.75

Isobel who achieved ATAR 99.75 shared some ATAR advice with Tutors Field Australia.

Many students believe they need to make huge sacrifices and give up many of the things they enjoy if they want to get good grade in high school or year 12.

ATAR Advice from Isobel:

My high school experience involved a lot of teachers and students demanding compromise and recommending sacrifice. I was constantly told that you couldn’t have your cake and eat it too; that Year 12 would demand all my time and energy.

I’d like to let current students know that you don’t need to – you can have it all.

I missed two Semester One exams because I was in Sydney for a national competition, after 12 weeks of training. I was in five music groups. I was in every major school productions, even in year 12. I was a school prefect. I did four seasons of debating in one year, I was in mock trials, I played violin and had singing lessons, I tutored once a week and I got my license. And I got an ATAR of 99.75.

Year 12 does not have to be about sacrifice, but about strength and passion, and I hope no student ever feels they have to give up what they live in order to achieve greatness.

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Author: Isobel S

Isobel S

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