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My Story Surviving Year 12 – ATAR 90+

It’s been almost 4 months since my last HSC exam, and just over two since I found out my ATAR. It was 18 years to get to that moment, and now it’s gone I can’t help but feel slightly cheated.

As all current HSC students are no doubt feeling, the pressure of completing year 12 and getting 99 is immense, but now that it’s over I feel slightly sad to let that weight off my shoulder. Do I sound insane? Truth is, I’ve hardly given my results a thought since I accepted my university offer early January. As a student who can claim a 90+ ATAR (just) and surviving year 12 (also just), I am more than happy to tell you that Year 12 is about more than marks. I know, I know – I can see you shaking your head now. But don’t close this tab, just bear with me. I’d heard it scorned it just as you do now. But really, it doesn’t. I’m not discrediting the validity of trying your best, but balance is the key.

The first few months I studied my guts out, then crashed and burned after an assessment I misunderstood that made me lose faith in what I knew. It took many nights of going over what I thought I already knew to cement my knowledge before I could feel confident in my ability. I now know that persistence is the key, because, just to throw another cliché in there, year 12 is a marathon not a sprint.

To ensure you make the final hurdle, create a balance in your life that allows you to dedicate yourself to schoolwork to the degree that suits you, as well as nurturing a support system you can fall back on, when you drop 18 rankings after one speech (thanks English Advanced). My other big tip is to have faith, in your teachers, in your work, in your family, and most importantly in yourself.

Most likely you know a lot more than you think you do; a lesson I learnt after trials, when I gained two first place rankings, top five for three other subjects and gained my English ranking back. In summary, year 12 is difficult and honestly a lot of it sucks. Give your best consistently, and look after yourself and your friends; the view from the other side is worth it.

Author: Keira J

Keira J

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