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Benefits and Disadvantages of Study Groups

Study groups are commonly utilised by many students to prepare themselves for class discussion and exams, you should learn the benefits and disadvantages of study groups if you are not too sure if it will work for you.

In a student’s life, opportunities for learning extend beyond the classroom. The excessive number of assignments could overwhelm you, when you study alone. A study group consisting of about 4-6 students will help you to discuss ideas and gather knowledge from your peers. Academic success will be within reach, if everyone in the group actively participates in the learning process. Studying with peers provides an environment to share knowledge and each member must be committed to the team. You need to determine whether your learning style falls in line with the group you wish to study with.

Benefits of Study Groups

  • Your obligation to your study group will provide the intrinsic motivation you need to study. If you are a habitual procrastinator, your commitment to the group will force you to finish your goals and feel accomplished.
  • With your peers, you will be comfortable in sharing information and discussing ideas. The learning activities will help you to prepare well for your examination and presentation.
  • Helping a weaker student with exam preparation will reinforce your knowledge and expand your understanding.
  • Ideas from your peers will broaden your knowledge. You may come across some new thoughts on the subjects that are beyond your comprehension.
  • The tiring activity of preparing study materials can be shared among your peers in the group. Each one in the group can take care of preparing specific study materials and the workload can be shared. Everyone in the group will have access to in-depth study material with a copier.
  • Answers to complicated essay questions can be easily arrived at, with several members to contribute. The group can discuss the best answer for test questions and learn the right way to present the answer during the exams.

Disadvantages of Study Groups

  • Every member of the group should be committed to studying. Otherwise, the study group could turn into a fun party.
  • Negative attitude of the members in a study group will affect the ability of everyone in the group. With difficult assignments to complete within a tight deadline, it is easy to lose motivation, when one member of the group says we should give up.
  • Being a part of study group doesn’t mean that you don’t need to study alone. In fact, every group member must study alone to learn the basic information and facts on their own. Only then the study group can be actively used to address challenging topics.
  • The capability of the group members determines the efficiency of the entire group. If all the members are at a level beyond your own, you will feel discouraged because you cannot contribute ideas they would approve of. On the other hand, if everyone is below your own level, you may not be challenged to come up with new ideas.
  • Apart from classrooms and studying on your own, you have to dedicate time to the study group, which would leave very little time for fun and relaxation.

Some people are just comfortable doing everything on their own. If you feel that you will perform better with a study group, you should search for the right group that allows you to learn and grow.

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