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Best Way to Study for Exams

I’ve got exams coming up less than two weeks and I’d like to ask the best way to study for exams! Exam results don’t necessarily determine success in life. However, for sacrificing leisure, freedom and enjoyment for a few years, students may be able to lay a good foundation for the next few decades. To get good grades in exams, you should start your preparation much earlier. To ensure you are prepared for your exams, learn the study tips below which can help you conquer your exams.

Prepare your study timetable

The first step to prepare and study for exams is planning. Waiting until the last minute to complete the syllabus is only going to add more stress in your life. You should set out to prepare a study timetable to organise your efforts. Some subjects may require more time while you may complete others in a few hours. Understanding your ability will help you to prepare the timetable. You should then stick to your study schedule so that you complete the syllabus as you have planned. Many studies also suggest that the best way to study for exams is to study more frequently, even in shorter sessions.

Guide to create your study plan

Make your study place comfortable

Your study place will easily affect your study mood. You need to have a well-organised space so that you have space to keep your textbooks and notes properly. Your chair should be comfortable enough to sit continuously for a few hours. Most importantly, keep your computer games away from your study space to avoid ay distraction. An organised space will also help you to organizse your thought process subconsciously.

Use visual aids for studying

Hundreds of pages of text must be studied and your notes should make that task easy for you. Visual aids are extremely useful in studying because the human brain can process images much faster. Start by writing down everything you know and fill in the gaps while studying. Condense what you study into flow charts, pie charts and diagrams. This is useful to revise when the finals are closing in.

Take part in study groups

Students always look for opportunities to socialise. This could be put to good use with study groups. In a study group, the preparation load could be shared among your peers. When the group is dynamic with students of different calibre, bright students can help weaker students to understand the subject. The discussion will open your mind to new ideas, which can be useful in preparing for your exams.

Include fun time amidst studying

Study for exams quickly puts the students in a robotic mood and you may be focused on studying, as many hours as possible. According to scientific studies, studying without breaks is counterproductive. To retain knowledge for a longer period, your brain needs regular breaks to de-stress. You should plan your study timetable in such a way that you work during your most productive hours. Relaxing during your downtime will help you to focus better during your exams.

Eat superfoods to power your brain

During exams, you won’t have a lot of time to cook fresh meals every time. However, this is not an excuse to fill yourself with junk food because they are harder to digest. Just like the way you plan your study schedule, plan your meals, so that you always eat superfoods that provide energy to your entire body. You should eat a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables to nourish your brain and body.


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