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What Degree Should I Do At University?

The most mind boggling question that every student faces is what degree to pursue at a university. Most of the students know that they want to go to a university, but they have no idea where to start. Some students have a fixed career goal in their mind and they can choose from a handful of courses that could help them land their dream job. A majority of the students are terrified of making the choice because you have to be committed to your choice of subject for the next 3-4 years.


Know what not to do?

Before researching about the right degree for you, understand what you must not do. When you have to select a degree, you will have friends and family constantly suggesting some course for you. You should only consider those opinions if your interests align with their recommendation. You should never take up a subject, just because someone told you to. Blindly following your friend, girlfriend or boyfriend to be with them in college will only make your life miserable. The course you study will have a major impact on your future career. Irrespective of the career opportunities available in any field, do not choose a subject if you do not enjoy studying it. University requires a lot of studying and you will not be able to stop yourself from dropping out if you choose something you don’t like.


Create a short list of subjects suitable for you

Every student has unique skills and interests. Sometimes, you may enjoy a single subject and in that case, it is easy to make the choice. Many students enjoy different types of subjects such as English and Maths. Both these subjects lead you on to different career paths and making the choice can be difficult. You may excel in one subject, but it may not be enjoyable for you. Playing with your strengths will also help you to get better grades in college. So, when you are good in some subject, add it to the list, even if you do not think you enjoy it as much.


In the school level, students are not exposed to many contemporary subjects. Apart from basic subjects, you may not realise that you can take up a unique subject to study in college. You may be surprised to see that you are drawn towards some subject, even if you don’t know anything about it. You should do a complete research on different subjects offered in different universities, to really understand your mindset.


Pick subjects that align with your career goals

Only a few career fields such as medicine, architecture, etc. require you to study specific subjects. If you know exactly what you want to become, you can take up the course that will help you to start your career. Subjects like maths allow you to take up a career in different fields. If you are interested in such subjects, you can enjoy your time at college and keep your career options open at the same time. Later, when you develop an interest in one particular career, you can get post graduation in the said subject and pursue the career

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