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How to Get a 90 ATAR

We surveyed some of Australia’s top ATAR achievers to find out how they achieved their success. Here are the results and how you can get a 90+ ATAR!

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ATAR Success Tips from Past High Achievers

Study Methods

Most high achievers said that completing practice exams was the most effective study method for them. Other methods they found helpful were creating reference notes, competing textbook and in class questions and consulting with their teachers.

Contrary to the popular belief that high achievers study 5 hours a night, the survey found that the majority of high achievers studied between one and three hours per night.

The most difficult aspect of completing Year 12 for high achievers was finding the motivation, closely followed by managing their stress levels and their time.

Study/Life Balance

One of the most important aspects about Year 12 is managing stress and ensuring you keep having fun! To de-stress and relax, most high achievers engaged in some form of recreational activity including:

  • Watching TV, movies and listening to music
  • Spending time with friends and family
  • Regular exercise and team
  • Engaging in their hobbies for example baking or videogames
  • Meditation

Most high achievers said that having fun along the wary was pivotal to their success, as the journey in Year 12 is a marathon and not a sprint.

What I wish I had known!

When asked what advice they would offer their former self if they could go back to the start of Year 12, many said the following:

  • Don’t stress too much – just do your best and don’t worry too much about it
  • Make sure you find balance in your life and don’t burn out too quickly
  • Start to think about post school options during Year 12 rather than just at the end of Year 12
  • Spend less time on notes and more time on practical application under timed conditions
  • Try to get into good, consistent study habits early

Most high achievers knew their strengths going into Year 12 but only around a third definitely knew what they wanted to do when they finished Year 12 so don’t stress if you haven’t figured it all out yet!

We hope these tips hope you achieve your personal best in Year 12 and get a 90+ ATAR.

Author: Dmitri Dalla-Riva

Dmitri Dalla-Riva

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