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Top 8 Study Techniques | Top ATAR

We surveyed some of Australia’s top ATAR achievers about how they effectively studied in Year 11 & 12 and have collected some of their best tips and strategies to help you achieve your ATAR goals. These tips are brought to you by LearnMate.com.au.

Work on your weaknesses

Many high achievers said that improving on their weaknesses was crucial to increasing their marks. Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers or tutors for help as they’re there to support you!

Buddy up!

Lots of high achievers recommended having a study buddy to help you both go through your notes and discuss key concepts.

Know the study design

High achievers often said that understanding the study design was crucial to studying effectively. They recommend students go through the study design for each subject to know what you will be assessed on.

Make notes your way

The high achievers recommended that notes be created in a way that works for you; whether that be on the computer, handwritten, diagrams, flowcharts, acronyms and memorable words etc.

Get some rest!

Many high achievers said that resting was a form of studying effectively! Without rest, you can’t concentrate at all. Be sure to devote time to yourself.

Practice, practice, practice

Most high achievers recommended completing as many practice exams and practice assessments as possible to ensure you’re prepared. Remember to complete under timed conditions.

Distil and summarise!

Many high achievers recommended creating one or two page summaries of the key areas of a particular unit. This can then form a part of your complete notes for that subject, so you don’t leave exam revision to the last minute.

And, stick to the schedule

And finally many high achievers recommended constructing a study schedule to ensure you’re not overwhelmed with too much work.

Hope these tips were helpful

Author: Dmitri Dalla-Riva

Dmitri Dalla-Riva

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