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Top Tips for High School Graduates

Steve graduated in 2014 and is now doing his bachelor of psychology give you an idea of what it’s like from high school to the university/ tertiary level.

Tip 1: In terms of choosing University, I recommend students to look at as many option as they can because each university gives you so many different types of courses for the particular career choices. For example, I chose Monash because they are very research based and it’s a great way to see where the field especially psychology.

Tip 2: In terms of picking units, they are more specific than high school could you know ever try to be like high school.

Tip 3: Students will get the luxury of finding things that interest you and then as a result of that students feel more engaged in their first day of University, it was very different to the first day of high school because there are a lot of the focus is making socialising and you are just in charge of yourself.

Tip 4: University operates like any other public places like Airport or a shopping centre where is doing their only things.


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Sim K


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