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Time Management Tips For Students | ATAR 98.55

With exams coming up, one of the most common issues that most students face is they find that they do not have enough time to study.

Raina received an ATAR of 98.55 shares her top study tips.

  1. Taking the time to arrange your priorities.
    You can give yourself the best chance of staying on track and organised especially during the exam period. It can help to reduce your stress levels.
  2. Make sure you study properly.
    The way I studied was looking at my notes and past papers at the same time rather than doing the past papers in the last minute. While I was doing my past papers and marking them, I could see what I was missing which means that I wouldn’t lose mark in the actual exams.
  3. Having a study plan.
    It doesn’t need to be too detailed, it can be as simple as four dot points a day and break it down into small amount per day so I wouldn’t be stressing before my exams.
  4. Choose subjects that you don’t hate!
  5. Have enough sleep.
    You may make lots of careless mistake if you don’t have enough sleep.
  6. Exercising and maintain your social life!

Hope you all do well. Happy studying!

Author: Sim K


Sim K


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