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30 Riddles For Kids With Answers

  • When I grow up, I will decide up whether I give it up or not. Ans: Memories

Explanation: Memories are something you can gain every day but not all of them, you can remember. You could be forgotten it or just simple not important.


  • I have feeling this for a longer time. But I feel it in a different way because the more pain that I will suffer, the more it will feel good. Ans: Love

Explanation: Yes indeed. People exerts a lot of effort when it comes to love.


  • My brain is full of knowledge and wisdom. I always stand up from the other and my friends kept on asking me how did I get that. Ans: Book

Explanation: You can learn a lot from book because it is full of knowledge and wisdom.


  • I woke up in the morning. The light from the sun is already out scattering everywhere. I am glad that the wall of the house’s gate is tall, protecting me. Ans: Child/ren.

Explanation: Light means mother and wall means father. Children or baby is the person that just woke up.


  • Even when it is already night, I kept on shining. I will just disappear if no one is looking for me. Who am I? Ans: Mother.

Explanation: Even it is already late, mothers kept on working and regulating the house.


  • No matter what will you do, you cannot separate me from my partner. Who am I? Ans: A pair of Slippers

Explanation: You can get out of from the house with one foot with slipper because it should be worn in pair.


  • The more I run, the more I become hot, but I never get sick from it. Ans: Car

Explanation: The engine of the car produces a lot of heat. When you travel far, It will become hotter but doesn’t damaged.


  • I will make sure that no one can escape it from the walls that I’ve made. That is only the place where you will feel safety. Ans: Father

Explanation: Fathers are always out there protecting their children.


  • You can sell fish and earn more, but you are not allowed to do it. Ans: Elevator

Explanation: In physics, when elevator goes up the weight of the fish goes higher causing you to earn more money.


  • I kept on duplicating even though I don’t move an inch away from what I am standing: Ans: Flower

Explanation: Flower are not able to walk, and bees and butterflies are in charge of their production, so flower doesn’t have choice.


  • I always feel empty but weigh heavy. There are only two seasons in our place; summer and winter. What a bizarre happening! Ans: Water Pitcher

Explanation: Water is transparent but weigh heavy inside the pitcher. When water pitcher is on the refrigerator, they can experience cold temperature when put outside, they can feel a warmer temperature.


  • The unique taste that I have is something that people avoid. I don’t know why. Ans: Bitter gourd.

Explanation: Bitter gourd is bitter and its unique taste cause people to avoid eating it.


  • In the few years that I have, I always assure to show the best of me, so I will be a good memory to my loved ones. Ans: Cellular phones.

Explanation: Cellphones have a limited lifespan. When you are using them, they kept on letting you see different things.


  • I ate a great amount of it, from morning to evening but gaining fats are still impossible. Ans: Popcorn.

Explanation: Popcorn have zero calories.


  • I kept on making sweet dreams as much as possible but sometimes, it will be the opposite of sweetness. Ans: Pillow

Explanation: Pillow is considered as dream maker for some people out there.


  • The more I hug it, the more suffering I will experience. Ans: Agony

Explanation: When you cling on agony way too much, you can feel a different pain.


  • People expect a lot from me that I will end up disappointing them. Ans: Future

Explanation: Future is something that you cannot expect that may sometimes discourage people.


  • From morning to evening before the midnight ends up, what will happen, will continue to happen. Nothing can stop me. Ans: Destiny

Explanation: Destiny is something people cannot stop, and it keeps on flowing.


  • The more you believe on it, the more it will come closer to you. Ans: Hope

Explanation: When you keep on anticipating, a good hope may come to you.


  • I cry until I completely dissolved but I will just regenerate as much I want to. Ans: Clouds

Explanation: Clouds is made out from water. When it rains, the water from it will completely back to the ocean and lands and just form again.


  • When I come, everything will be monochrome. You will never see a person’s smile. Ans: Rain/Storm

Explanation: When rain comes, many events will be postponed. No kids can play outside that’s why they will look sad.


  • It worth a great force, to make me get out. Ans: Smile

Explanation: Smile is something that you cannot immediately gain.


  • The only liquid that holds memories. Ans: Tears

Explanation: It worth a lot of memories to make you cry in tears.


  • In the morning, I have four feet. In the noon, I have two feet. In the evening, I have three feet. Ans: The Life of Human

Explanation: Morning means when you were child or baby. Baby kept on crawling and uses also their hands, so they can stand. Noon means when you were adult. You don’t crawl anymore, you just stand with two feet. Evening means when you become old. You used your two feet to stand plus a walking stick to support yourself.


  • I am not just pretty but also hold important things. Ans: Bag

Explanation: Inside the bag, where you can see a lot of different bank cards and other more.


  • In everyday lives, I am the most important part of your life. Ans: Clothes

Explanation: You cannot go outside of your room in fully naked that’s why you need to wear clothes.


  • My pouch is so small but even my child could fit in. Ans: Kangaroo’s Pouch

Explanation: kangaroo’s pouch is stretchable even though they are small that’s why their children could fit on it.


  • The beginning of everything starts within from me. Ans: School

Explanation: This is true. This is where you will meet the first person that you will trust aside from your family. This is where you can learn everything. School is a great place to shape up yourself.


  • When I am left in an open area, I’ll start crying, even there are many people around me, I’ll keep on crying. Ans: Loneliness

Explanation: people feel loneliness because other people don’t notice them.


  • I never stop running and it’s not like chasing someone. But when I try to run back, I can’t. Ans: Time

Explanation: Time is something you cannot go back because it will always run unless the battery will turn off.


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