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UMAT practice test and tips

UMAT practice test and tips.

Its 3am on a cold morning;

You look at yourself in the mirror – sweat beads down your face. You are wondering how you are going to get through this…..

The UMAT test – the infamous Exam that you take as a med student to ace, but these days you can take it for just about any profession, and guess what? Most other employers are now looking for results found in these types of tests from their potential employees.

The UMAT test, (Undergraduate Medical and Health Sciences Admission Test) is a logical thinking and problem solving evaluation that tests your logistical analysis, problem solving skills and people management in high stress situations.
It can be a daunting task to not only take but to smash, as it has been causing this effect on students for over 20 years.

I remember when I took the test back a few years ago now. I now write this as a small guide to approach, deal with and to pump out the results that you need.

UMAT Approach and Tips:

You need to approach this as a life skills exercise as this test will set you up for life in so many areas so really dive into the preparation and see this as inserting to your resume for numerous opportunities.
You can find a number of online resource that will assist you with preparing for the UMAT at the end of this post

You need to put yourself in to the scene from everyday life, look at your surroundings, give yourself tests – like a homeless person; you could ask yourself questions about how you would admit them if they presented to ER.
Or write down cue cards with issues and provide responses based on known treatments or limited timeframes.

Team up with others for real life execution of theories – be the patients, be the doctors, be the traffic mgmt officers, be the customs officers. These all have to implement the training and thought process’ that you will be tested on.

Create an online group and shoot back issues to solve and evaluate together.

D-Day – the Exam

Lining up at the venue – all the work has been done. Remember, you have studied the practice tests, you have all your required stationary. All good.
Just relax, take some deep breaths and get in there and get comfortable

In 2013 the structure f the UMAT was altered; previously you had to complete section by section is strictly adhered to timeframes. Now you’re free to tackle whatever section and whatever questions in whatever order you want. Oh great, another critical thinking exercise to complete and you didn’t realise it yet. OH SNAP!

So I would suggest that you tackle the sections that you are more confident in , then scale down to allow the time required for the lesser sections that you feel comfortable with.

Its best to try to put yourself in each situation and ask the classic – what would I do scenario. But remember that you need to manage your time effectively, this can be achieved through practice exam questions. Spend to most time on practicing the weakest link, you then have an idea of how much time to allocate those questions/ sections.

Make sure you read and then re-ear the questions as there are quite a few thrown in there that are designed to trip you up. It’s imperative that you understand the angle of the questions in order to provide an adequate response.

Mindset Matters:

The Russians had it sorted – well, until they decided that it was more socially acceptable to just inject their athletes with un-sanctioned substances.
Im talking about visualisation.

Visualisation has long been confirmed as a highly valuable technique in preparing for just about anything. From tests, to speeches to job interviews.

I’m a huge advocate of this method. Greg Norman is famously quoted as saying that he never takes a shot until he has completed it at least twice in his mind first. It may sound and feel a little weird at first, but really try this out in the lead up to your exam. You have gone through the practice test questions; now imagine yourself performing the tasks or consultations with clients/ patients.

And especially; visualise yourself acing the exam questions in total control and “non stress mode”

This is a tried and tested method of high achievers, Business leaders and world class athletes do this as a daily routine to prepare for the day/ high level events to be at their peak.

The UMAT test is a daunting test to complete, but it will set you up in so many areas that you can not even imagine yet. Use the links below to access UMAT practice exams and related information and tips.

You have studied, you have prepared, you have stressed out about it. There is only one thing left to do.
GO Gangsta on it and get those biscuits!

Hello Uni test exam can be found here – $89.00

To assist with your preparation for the UMAT, MedEntry has produced a. Half-Length UMAT Practice Exam with fully worked solutions. Medentry UMAT practice exam questions – download

More UMAT practice tests and references:

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