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Best education apps for college students

Best education apps for college students. Olivia – a recent high school graduate and a current nursing medi student shared her top apps that help with her studies.

For the last three and half years I have been either a senior in high school or a university student , I haven’t always found studying the easiest thing especially when I’ve had many different subjects to juggle all at once. I also found that I was spending a lot of time on public transport or even just looking at my phone so I decided maybe I can use this time to study I have 5 apps that I swear by and they all have helped me massively when it comes to revising for an upcoming exam. I am a current student studying nursing and biomedicine.

Best education apps for college students 1 – Quizlet

This app has been my absolute lifesaver, I actually downloaded it after a teacher recommended it to me. On this app you create double sided flash cards with the questions and answers to the questions/term and then definition, put them into subject folders and learn them through three different modes.

Best education apps for college students 1 - Quizlet

The first mode is called flashcard and you go through the cards at your own pace and speed just reading the information, The second mode is called learn in this mode you may be given the question or the answer and you have type in the correct answer.

If you get it wrong it creates a new folder for you and you will know that those ones are the question and answers you need to work on, and the last mode is match and it’s like a game of match the card however its match the question to the correct answer.

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Best education apps for college students 2 – Voice Assistant

This app I would use when I was too lazy to type or I wasn’t 100% sure on how to spell a few words. In this app you record yourself saying your word and it converts it into text and then enables you to either copy or paste the notes into another app like a word document or you can sync your email to the app and email the converted text to yourself.

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Best education apps for college students 3 – Exam countdown

This app is pretty self-explanatory it is a calendar countdown to your exams. However I would also use this app to put in calendar countdowns to anything that I need to remember in relation to my studies, this would include things like camps, practices, teacher interviews, assignment due dates and anything else I felt was important.

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Best education apps for college students 3 - Exam countdown

Best education apps for college students 4 – Exam vocabulary builder

On this app I would use different functions including the test myself mode and the vocabulary builder within the vocabulary builder you could use it two ways. One way is similar to how you would use a thesaurus and look up words that have a similar meaning to a word that you know but get a more sophisticated word or you can just look through the commonly used college and graduate words.

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Best education apps for college students 5 – Nursing anatomy and physiology

As a nursing student we have to know the human body anatomy and physiology off by heart and this app enables you to read information on each body system and then quizzes you on the information and it gives you a mark and then create and edits the quizzes based of what knowledge you do and don’t understand. This app allows me to learn all the systems one by one or just randomly gives me information and I have to answer what system the information is relation to.

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