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What sport should I play

What sport should I play? Ben who has an extensive sports background and also an owner of a small business teaching children Rugby skills shared his tips and advice.

With so many different sports and activities these days not to mention the lure of the iPhone, iPad and Netflix how to determine what sport is best for you and your children is always a big decision.

Growing up as a child, I participated in nearly every sport out there. It started with swimming and surf lifesaving, then moved on to soccer, basketball, cricket, athletics, touch and Rugby League. When Rugby Union and Oztag came to town I gave then a go also.

What sport should I play

The biggest thing for me was always fun, enjoyment and being part of a team. With these aspects it was pretty hard to go wrong and I always enjoyed being outside and getting involved.

A lot also comes down to what your parents and friends enjoy. If you are around someone who is enjoying themselves and having fun and getting excited about something that in turn rubs off on to you.

I always loved going to Rugby League games and cricket matches with my father which in turn turned into back yard battles with him and my friends from the neighbourhood. Once the competitions got too big and I wanted the next level it was on to experiencing this as part of a team and an organised sport.

Another big thing today is the coaching aspect of sports. I own a franchise of a business called Rugbytots which aims to design a play program for children 2 to 7 incorporating both rugby codes.

Two of the biggest aspects of this is draining a fun program the children enjoy and can gain skills out of and having confident and fun coaches who are actively able to engage the children to get the best out of them.

I also coach my son’s under 6 Rugby Union team and this again is a big aspect. If the children are able to make friends and enjoy themselves this will help to choose what you like and enjoy.

At the end of the day there is a lot of sports out there and it can be hard to decide what is best for you. I always encourage experiencing as many sports as possible, a lot these days will allow for a free trial to see if it’s what you like.

This gives the opportunity to expand your circle and gain different skills and to enjoy different sports. If you’re having fun, gaining skills and generally enjoying yourself well then that’s the right sport for you!

Author: Ben V

Ben V

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