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Major problems faced by students in school today

Major problems faced by students in school today – by Annie N.

In 2017, University student completion data, conducted by government, has revealed the university dropout rate is around one in three students failing to complete their studies within six years of enrolment.

So why study?

Most students do it for that dream job and ultimately success.  We all will have a unique experience, but I guarantee it will not be easy! Graduates and university students will agree with me in feeling overwhelmed and distressed when they reminisce about their university life.

But its not all bad, my advice is that its essential that whatever you decide to study has to be something that interests you and that you are genuinely passionate about.  Secondly, make friends!

University will be difficult without having a close friendship group for moral and emotional support as well as networking and to bounce ideas from.

Major problems faced by students today?

Major student problems include the pressure, and too much of it and that uncertainty at the finish line, because what is the point if its not guaranteed that there will be jobs available?

Completing a university degree will take blood, sweat and tears. Most university students will be experiencing anxiety/ panic attacks and be sleep deprived from all-nighters cramming. Students discover a lot about themselves, they gain skills such as professional procrastination and resilience they continue living off coffee and energy drinks while during SWOTVAC.

Studying will take up majority of a student’s life, the other remaining portion of it will consist of a job and if you’re lucky you even might have personal/ social life. Try to find that balance, students will naturally fall into a routine that works for them.

For me, I worked by the reward system, I went out on every occasion I was able to or felt like I deserved it, i.e. after handing in assignments, completing tests and exams.  Be ready to experience fomo at its finest as sacrifices will have to be made.

My personal experience in school

From personal experience and enduring thirteen years of primary and secondary school, four and a half years studying a Bachelor of Laws full time and half a year of Advanced Graduate Diploma in legal practice.

I honestly had little to no personal or social life, but that didn’t bother me so much because I was able jusfitify that I would rather miss and event than have to restudy and redo an exam.  That said, on every chance I was able to go out – I always did. Thereby, balance must be found amongst all the mess. Don’t drive yourself mad, everything in moderation.

As a student, I honestly disliked school, but I knew it was necessary – or better said I was raised to believe that it was necessary to be successful and have an easy life.  My parents are both Vietnamese refugees so you can only imagine that they had ‘high’ expectations of what I would make of myself. I have a vivid memory that has been etched into my mind and I can remember it as if it happened yesterday…

I was probably in grade prep at the time and was at a family gathering with my all my cousins. Parents being typical parents and comparing their kids, my uncle interrogated me and asked me in front of all my relatives, “So what are you going to be when your older?”. I confidently answered, model or designer. My dad gave me a serious look from across the room and stated, “Wrong, doctor or nothing”.

In saying this I advise that you decide to study, do it for yourself and not to satisfy expectations because you will not get far and you will end up wasting your time.

I am now in the process of getting admitted as a lawyer in Victoria. I can confidently say I am glad that I endured all those years and I feel accomplished. However, studying isn’t for everyone, stay true to yourself and know where you want to be in 20 years’ time. Envision it, if studying is necessary; good luck and god speed. It will be worth it in the end, just don’t give up.


Author: Annie N

Annie N

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