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7 money saving tips for students

7 money saving tips for students – by Claire W.

As a University Graduate, I understand what it’s like being a student and having little to no money!

Even when your student loan drops and you feel like a lottery winner, the money seems to go pretty quickly, right?

All those academic books to buy, takeaways every weekend, crazy night outs every week. Everything seems to scream “I want your money!” Well, I have a few money saving tips to share with you…and if you’ve landed on this blog post, then you probably need them.

Here we go!

Money saving tips for students 1 – Never go food shopping when you’re hungry!

This will just result in a disaster. Go food shopping right after you’ve eaten, and it will stop you from impulse buying all of the food you don’t need! Take a list with you and only buy the essentials.

Money saving tips for students 2 – Have a “No spend day” every week!

Every week, set aside a day where you don’t spend any money at all! Stay in and catch up on work, binge watch your favourite Netflix series, visit a free museum. There’s so many things to do for free; you might actually enjoy yourself!

Money saving tips for students 3 – Have a coins money box.

Have a money box that you can’t get into, and every time you get some cash, whack it in the money box! You’ll be surprised at how much money you can save over time.

Money saving tips for students 4 – Only take cash on nights out.

Taking your credit card out on a night out is a big no no! ​Do I even need to explain this one?…

Money saving tips for students 5 – Set aside your weekly budget.

Decide how much money you can spend in the week. Every Monday, take out the cash you budgeted for and ONLY spend that amount! Weekly budgeting really is your best friend. You’ll thank me for this one.

Money saving tips for students 6 – Make the most of your student discount!

Find out all of the places that offer student discount, and use it! Make a list of all of the special student nights, and go! Student cinema night, student restaurant deals…there’s so much to make the most of that will save you heaps of money. If you’re unsure, ask! You’re only a student once…

Money saving tips for students 7 – Join a free Club.

University’s offer so many free sports teams, societies, fun clubs…most of them for free! This is a great way to spend your free time, make new friends, and try something new. You might surprise yourself with how talented you are at a sport you never even dreamed of playing. Go for it!

I hope my money saving tips will help you in some way. Think of saving money as a game or a challenge…it can actually be quite fun! Good luck, and enjoy yourself.

Author: Claire W

Claire W

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