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How to make friends in university

How to make friends in university: It’s not as scary as it seems – by Tessa Power

You’ve accepted an offer, bought textbooks, signed on for classes and maybe even postponed those travel dreams for another year.  You’re ready to start university…right? So where are all these nerves coming from?

Starting university can be daunting and most people experience a little nervousness or anxiety.  It’s like starting all over again at the bottom of the food chain and you’re probably feeling like an anxious year 7 kid on their first day of high school.  

Not knowing anyone in your course can definitely be discouraging and chances are you’re feeling a little bit out of your comfort zone.  As a proud survivor of my first half a semester of university, I’m here to tell you it gets better, and quickly. You won’t spend the next four years wandering campus alone, I promise!

Although friendships should be organic, and any “get to know each other” games in your tutorials will likely fall flat, there are several tried and true ways of making friends at university.

How to make friends in university 1 – Join a club

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but joining a club or society really is one of the best ways to meet new people and make friends at university.  Most universities offer a variety of clubs, from sports to Pokémon and everything in between. Try joining one relevant to your degree and you’ll be sure to meet other first years who will be in many of the same classes as you.  Many clubs also organise social activities for their members.

How to make friends in university 2 – Go to your tutes!

Believe it or not, there are more than just academic reasons for attending your tutorials.  The smaller class sizes make it way easier to meet new people than in massive lecture theatres so don’t waste this opportunity by staring at the clock and waiting for the class to finish.  Engage with the people around you, even if it’s just to comment on the tutor’s bad history puns.

How to make friends in university 3 – Colleges

For students from out of town and even locals, colleges can provide almost instant friendships, invitations to social events and support throughout your degree.  Many universities have colleges with the option of either living on campus in a dormitory or becoming a non-residential member.

How to make friends in university 4 – Work on campus

Want to kill two birds with one stone and make some money while making friends?  Working on campus is a great solution. Most universities have a variety of eateries, bars, and shops that hire students on a casual basis.

Smile and be friendly to everyone you meet and you’ll have no trouble making new friends. Once you’ve met a few people (and maybe added a few friends on Facebook) they’ll introduce you to more people, who’ll introduce you to more people and you’ll be a social butterfly before you know it.  

Author: Tessa Power

Tessa Power

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