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Drawing ideas for beginners

Looking for easy things to draw? These drawing ideas for beginners will help you build confidence in drawing while creating an amazing but simple artwork.

Picasso is quoted as saying “Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain one once we grow up.”

Ask a classroom of kindergarten children if they can draw and nearly all of them will raise their hands. Fast forward ten years and walk into a high school classroom asking the same question, only a handful will raise their hands.

From the age of 5, we begin to learn self-criticism, a trait we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. This trait carries through to the artistic side of our brain, impeding on our creative abilities.

As an artist and art tutor “I can’t draw to save myself” is something I hear every day. Teaching drawing skills is an art form in itself. Art and travel are my two great passions in life and for the past three years they have allowed me to travel the world as an art tutor for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines teaching watercolour to passengers on sea days.

If you want to draw, then you can learn to do so, one step at a time. We aren’t born with talent but we can all develop skills.

My drawing ideas for beginners:

Without reading further take a pen and…

Draw a circle and colour it inDrawing ideas for beginners 1
Now draw an oval and colour it inDrawing ideas for beginners 2
Now draw a capital “L”Drawing ideas for beginners 3
Now draw a comma Drawing ideas for beginners 4


Just look at what can be done with these 4 simple elements and a little imagination.

Now you can draw!

 Drawing ideas 1

Don’t stop! He needs a friend or more!

Remember, ants don’t come in small, medium and large, so this is an excellent opportunity to practice “perspective” as well as drawing skills.

Drawing ideas 2

Why not turn your drawing into a complete artwork by adding a touch of gold leaf here and there for an ants picnic?

Drawing ideas 3

And from these 4 small elements, the circle, the oval, the Capital L and a Comma – a truly Australian Landscape painting can be achieved, simply by adding brushstrokes in the colours of the Outback.

And now, you are an artist!

Drawing ideas 4


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