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Extracurricular activities – ideas and why

Extracurricular activities – here are some ideas and why it’s important for you!

Need a break from studying without the guilt that comes with binge watching Netflix? You’ve definitely come to the right article.

School life is like a clingy girlfriend and boy, is she high maintenance. Luckily for me I have extracurricular activities to balance it all out.

Extracurriculars provide a productive and beneficial break from studies so you can have fun with new friends while building your skillset outside of the classroom – they also look totally great on your résumé!

Extracurricular activities I’m doing

At the moment I’m involved in volleyball, theatre, and art classes outside of school.

Extracurricular activity 1

Volleyball is such a great sport to do if you’re not actually that into sports. Let’s be real; we all need to keep fit. Volleyball helps with that in a fun and no pressure environment and also improves your hand eye coordination, balance and quick thinking.

Extracurricular activity 2

Theatre has really helped me to improve my speaking skills and confidence. I’ve realised that in order to improve your public speaking you really have to put yourself out there. A less obvious skill that comes with theatre is the ability to interpret text.

When you get a script, the subject of the story isn’t always obvious. Ever heard of Shakespeare? Learning how to interpret texts through theatre is so helpful when it comes time to analyse a 14th century poem for English class.

Extracurricular activity 3

Out of school art classes have helped me to improve my creativity and eye for detail. Not only that but it’s great for concentration. Once you get into a rhythm it’s almost like you’re in another world. And it’s sooooo satisfying once you finish a piece you’ve been working on for so long.

There are so many different extracurriculars to try out, but these are my top three. It’s such a great opportunity to meet new people, expand your set of skills, and put the textbook down. Now go out there and get active and creative!


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