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Where do students spend their money on?

Do you know how and where do students spend their money on? As a high school student spending money is definitely a hobby of mine. I could be spending money on food, clothes or anything that I want really. And now I’m about to tell you how and where I spend my money on.

Where do I spend my money on?

  1. Food
  2. Jewellery
  3. Accessories
  4. Makeup
  5. Technology
  6. Drinks
  7. Swimwear
  8. Tops/Bottoms
  9. Phone Bill

Now I am sure there are many more things that I spend money on but these are the main ones!

1. Spending money on Food:

Usually I get breakfast every now and then from McDonalds which can be anywhere from $2-$15. I also stop at the supermarket on the way to school to get snacks for the day. I also get dinner with my boyfriend once a month or so and the price can vary depending on where we go. I also spend $2-$15 at the school canteen once a week or every second week.

2. Spending money on Jewellery:

As I have joined a few affiliate programs for some brands I have been spending money on jewellery, and that can be anywhere from $5-$20. Other than doing it for the brands I don’t usually buy jewellery as my boyfriend does for our anniversary.

3. Spending money on Accessories:

Again being a brand ambassador I have to buy a few accessories like phone cases and other things like that and that can be anywhere from $5-$25. Usually every now and then when I buy a new phone I will buy a box of accessories that I just pay of in my phone bill.

4. Spending money on Makeup:

I buy a fair amount of makeup every couple of moths or so. But I do try to buy the cheapest and the most decent makeup I can. My foundation is usually around $20 or so but I wait for it to come on sale. My powder is only $4 or so and I get my mascara given to me by my nan for Christmas or something and it usually lasts.

5. Spending money on Technology:

Every year or two I upgrade my phone with the plan I’m on. Its over $100 but considering the new phones are $1000+ I think thats not a bad price to pay. In my phone plan I got a box of accessories so that saved me some money because I had to go buy some things for my car like a phone charger, aux ect. Only when my laptop breaks will I buy a new one and they are at least $1300.

6. Spending money on Drinks:

By drinks I mean coke, energy drinks, ect. Once a week or two I will go to the supermarket and buy a couple energy drinks to get me going for the day. Sometimes in the summer I will go to machos everyday after school and buy a frozen coke for $1 because it is just sooo hot! And I buy drinks from the canteen which are like $2 so not too bad of a price.

7. Spending money on Swimwear:

Depending on how much I have grown is how much I will spend on bikinis. At the moment I need to buy some new ones and they’re anywhere from $20-$70. My last pair were $70 and the bottoms didn’t even fit me!! Ive had my last pair for a few years now so they last and I’m not having to spend money on them constantly.

8. Spending money on Tops/Bottoms:

It seriously depends if I have a special occasion or not. So I’m about to get a new job in retail (Target) and they ask you to wear their clothes and represent the store. So I have just gone out and spent around $30 on new tops and pants. Usually I buy crops during the summer and long sleeves in the winter but they also last a while. I barely ever buy pants as I get all my mums clothes.

9. Spending money on Phone Bill:

Every month I send up to $150 on my phone bill. I know this seems like a lot but its really not that bad I mean I get my phone, free calls, free texts, 20 gig of data, insurance, a box of accessories, a bluetooth speaker and I get to upgrade my phone after 6 months. Its not bad considering my boyfriend spends $30 on credit each week and thats just calls, texts and data no extras like me.

So overall this is basically what most of my money gets spent on as a high school student!

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