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How do I find a tutor and why do I need one

Here is how it began – My mother initiated the talks about getting a tutor due to myself struggling a couple of my subjects in year 10 and this carried on throughout year 11 and 12.

After talks with my parents about getting a tutor i saw that it would really benefit myself as a student to get some extra work and clarification about what i was doing.

The main reason i got one was because i wasn’t doing as well in some subjects than others.

The trend – Roughly 30% of kids at school would have a tutor and this number seems to be increasing as the year went on and exams were coming up.

How do I find a tutor

My mum found an advertisement in the paper regarding tuition for mathematics and i jumped on board.

After this i found from my friends about tutoring companies that they were seeing and it seemed easier to do everything in the one place than seperate places for different subjects.

Roughly the tutor charges 60 dollars per hour session and i have sessions once a week for three subjects. In times of exams and assignments i may have two sessions a week for a particular subject but this depends on the time.

Tutors Field allows students to find affordable and top rated tutors near you. You will also receive a free study notes from ATAR 95+ students.

My tutor gives weekly reports on what i have covered with him/her and areas i have been assessed as strong and negative so that we can work on them in the future to get a better mark.

This report is sent to my parents as they want to stay in the loop and understand where i am at in terms of my schooling and use of time at tutoring.

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