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Jobs and Careers in music industry

Jobs and Careers in music industry insights – The Music Industry’s umbrella covers many diverse career paths. With the break-neck speed of technology, the traditional careers of producer, artist, composer, record label and publisher are now ‘sharing the pie’ and with new careers that have emerged and evolved in this digital age.

Music Technology has become more accessible and more affordable, subsequently, many Music/Media Technology Colleges have appeared. Digital media has widened the career choice available for Graduates to enter a profession that is known for ‘being hard to crack.

Being first a child actor, then stumbling across the notion that my music could be more than a hobby; I’ve had a multitude of positions in the industry and performing arts for over a 25 year period.

So how much can you earn in the Music Industry?

My response would be akin to ‘choose another path!”. Money should never be an incentive for working if you love what you do; in the Arts particularly. Sure, the ‘Big Time’ can be found, but financial aspirations can thwart true passion for what you are doing. When you’re enjoying what you do and excelling at your profession, the money will come.

How to get a job or a career in the music industry?

For me, it’s all about mindset. A willingness to do above what is asked or expected, saying yes to every opportunity. Be humble about these opportunities, often by saying yes or offering to help out for free lets your face be known and starts to open some doors.

When I started at a UK studio in my teens, I spent most of my time painting and DIY, however, on rare occasions, I was trusted to do some low-risk jobs such as burning to CDs and small recording sessions to the public. The door will eventually open, sit tight, and slowly each task you get given will be more complex than the last, until you get some studio hours under your belt.

My advice to music graduates

A Music Graduate must be a realist as well as an optimist. How hungry are you to find work? There are many jobs out there, but you have to seek them, they will very rarely land on your lap. My advice is to treat yourself like a business, create mail merges, do follow up calls, politely be persistent in arranging face to face meetings.

Be diverse, don’t concentrate on one thing. I had times where I was teaching Music technology, as well as working in the studios, composing for live theatre or for film. In short, never give up!

Author: Adam L

Adam L

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