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what can you do with a criminology degree?

Do you know what can you do with a criminology degree? We invite Kate who studies criminology to share her advice.

As a student ambassador for criminology at my university, I often get asked the question, “What can I do with a criminology degree?”. To be honest, I had no idea before I started either, and decided to study criminology in addition to law purely out of interest.

However, now in my third year of studying criminology, I have found there are vast and varied career options that can be accessed through a criminology degree.

Undertaking a criminology degree provides the perfect opportunity to gain an understanding of the different reasons behind criminality and the best way to respond to criminal behaviour. Therefore, it acts as great preparation for anyone wanting to enter the police force or correctional services.

Additionally, criminology considers institutional and state responses to crime, allowing students to obtain a deeper understanding of the way these careers have operated both historically and in contemporaneous times.

Further, most criminology degrees include practical components placing students in work places such as correctional services to gain first-hand experience and understanding.

Where can a criminology degree lead to?

Criminology can also lead to many more academic-based roles, such as undertaking research projects and lecturing.

Students build essential skills throughout the degree, such as critical thinking and analytical skills, research methods, academic writing and referencing which are vital to academic careers.

Additionally, there are research and policy-based jobs with institutions such as the Australian Institute of Criminology which involve looking at best practices and current criminological policies.

Finally, undertaking criminology in conjunction with another degree can increase employment options and employability.

Criminology teaches many skills that are transferable to other sectors and can demonstrate a broader interest and understanding to potential employees.

As criminology is a multi-disciplinary subject, it covers subject matter including law, psychology, history, sociology and philosophy.

This versatility makes it an ideal degree to study alongside another degree. Personally, I have found criminology to be fascinating and I would encourage anyone with an interest in these issues to consider enrolling.

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Sim K


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