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Why is art important in education

Why is art important in education? Creativity is the new currency and innovation is a valuable commodity. More than ever before, the world relies on human creativity to solve the many problems we have created, combat the threats of nature, refine elements of function and style, and simply make life more enjoyable (Healy 2010).

The Arts allows students to engage with different dramatic and dance works, artists and audiences through the use of critical and creative literacies.

The Arts develops communication, collaboration and teamwork. Students, through the Arts are able to realise their creative and expressive potential as individuals and allow them to make sense of their world and their role in it.

Julie Andrews is my inspiration – and her passion for the arts makes me love her that much more. She states

What if there was one activity that could guarantee your kids would do better in school and cope well with life’s challenges?

And what if this same activity helped them grow up to be lifelong learners, have more success in their chosen career, earn a higher salary and have more fulfilling relationships?

What if it even made them more likely to volunteer, be philanthropic, vote — and ultimately, live longer, healthier, happier lives?

Her response? You guessed it: Participation in the Arts. Research overwhelmingly attests to the fact that the Arts are one of the most important and valuable ways that students can find improvements in their learning – both academic and holistic.

The Arts inspires its students to read widely, develops their analytical and evaluative skills, but also encourages real-world 21st century learning. At the heart of the Arts is ‘The Human Context’ and thus, The Arts encourages its learners to be active and engaged citizens of the world as they cultivate empathy and tolerance and seek to bridge cultural and socio-economic divides.

Yet – when budget and subject cuts occur – the Arts are the first to go. It’s time to advocate for the Arts!

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