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Keep Kids Learning During the School Holidays

As the father of a 5 year old just starting out on his school journey and an 8 year old who is continuing to impress me with her knowledge and appetite for learning it is extremely important for me that they continue to prosper during the holidays.

As such below is a list of some of the best ways I have found to keep children learning during their holidays.

Ways To Keep Kids Learning During the School Holidays 1) – Sports

There a number of kids sporting programs that operate during the holidays from companies such as Rugbytots and Ginger Sports.

Sport is a great way for not only to keep your child active to have them learning on a daily basis.

Not only will they learn the skills of the respective sports most program help to teach with colour recognition, counting, listening to instructions and working as a team.

These are all very important skills for your children to learn and can help them to gain greater knowledge.

Ways To Keep Kids Learning During the School Holidays 2) – Museum Trips

The museum is always a great day out with the family. Whether it be a new exhibition that is showing or just experiencing what the respective museum has to offer a daily basis children will develop interests and expand their learning.

Some of my most memorable trips as a child were to the museum to learn about dinosaurs.

Ways To Keep Kids Learning During the School Holidays 3) – Reading

Whether it be taking your child to the library, reading to them in bed, having them practice their sight words or listening to them read a parent can help out in numerous ways to develop children’s reading skills.

The more a child is exposed to books and reading with their families the better in my books pardon the pun.

It creates a great bond and also helps your child to get ready for their next year of schooling.

Ways To Keep Kids Learning During the School Holidays 4) – Road Trips

Something as simple on going on a family road trip during the school holidays is also a great opportunity for your child to learn.

Whether this be playing educational games in the car or visiting a new place or attraction this gives the family time to bond and learn together.

The good thing about this option also is if you or your children grow restless there is always the tablet or phone to fall back on to give everyone a break and reset the batteries.

I hope some of these give people ideas of what to do and experience with your families during the holidays.

I have already planned one road trip with my two and will continue reading and visiting the museum with them to further expand their knowledge and enjoy my time as a father.

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Sim K


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  1. Great article, — a pleasure to read. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom. Your articles are rich food for thought every time I come across them and are also a true inspiration for those of us who want to get better every day. Thanks for spreading your experience. That’s really inspiring.

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