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What are the qualities of a good tutor?

There are thousands of tutors who are offering tutoring service, however what are the qualities of a good tutor? Some common qualities you will see in a good tutor including academic qualifications, academic achievements, tutoring experience, patient, flexibility, attention to details, easy to work with and more.

Academic qualifications – a good tutor will have great knowledge in their specialised subject area. Formal qualification is a common quality that most good tutor would have. Academic achievements is also a great proof of tutor’s ability.

Tutoring experience – a good tutor will have years of tutoring experience. An experienced tutor can understand the strength and weakness of the students and plan accordingly. They will also be able to set milestones to ensure the students achieve their goals.

Patient and flexibility – a good tutor is always patient and being flexible. They can work with students who need the extra supports and assistance. They will adapt their plans and materials to individual student addressing their needs.

Extra support – a good tutor will give students extra supports they need to achieve their desired results in school. Some tutors may even answer student’s questions outside of tuition via email or phone. They will often provide students a report to ensure they know how they are progressing.


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